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Furnace Services in Eagan, MN

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to your heating needs? Then look no further than the furnace. Whether you opt for an electric or gas furnace for your home, it’s imperative that your system be installed and serviced by a HVAC professional. Fortunately, that’s as easy as calling the team at Bob Boldt HVAC. We specialize in handling a wide range of furnace makes and models, including both electric and gas models, and we can provide you with emergency furnace repair as well as routine maintenance. You need only pick up the phone to get started.

Since 1988, we have made sure that our customers endure the long Minnesota winter with complete comfort. We can make sure that your furnace is fully integrated into your ductwork, and that it works well for years to come. We employ NATE–certified technicians who undergo rigorous training to ensure that their skills are always sharp, and we take pride in our ability to solve even the most challenging problems. Let us know what your furnace needs. We’re also available 24/7 for any emergency furnace repairs. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Bob Boldt HVAC provides furnace services in the greater Eagan, MN area.

Why Choose a Furnace?

The furnace is a forced–heating system that utilizes an extensive network of air ducts to distribute heated air throughout your living space. Your air handler pulls your indoor air through the heat exchanger where your air is brought to temperature. Then this air is redistributed through a different set of ducts throughout the home. Your system can also be zoned—that is, broken into distinct sections, each of which can be separately controlled—to improve energy efficiency.

One of the top reasons to consider a gas or electric furnace for your home is that it is generally considered to be a cost–effective system, especially considering its upfront investment. It pairs nicely with a central air unit for year–round climate control, and it acts quickly because it heats your indoor air directly. The key to a successful furnace installation is ensuring that its installation or replacement is taken care of by a professional. We can do just that.

Our Furnace Repair and Maintenance Services

If you find that your furnace is making loud or strange noises, fails to heat your home efficiently or effectively, or has broken down completely, then just let us know. We can repair just about anything, and no job is too big or small for our team of expert technicians. But if you want to avoid many major issues with your furnace, then you should definitely consider having your gas furnace professionally maintained. It’s the only way to ensure your system is comprehensively cleaned, inspected and tuned–up on a regular basis.

Gas Furnace

If you want to make sure that your furnace is cost–effective, then you may want to consider natural gas. We can make sure that your gas furnace is installed and serviced correctly. Let us be your go–to company for gas furnace services. Call us today.