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Eagan, MN Heating Services by Bob Boldt HVAC

Bob Boldt HVAC - Eagan, MN Heating Services by Bob Boldt HVAC

Are you looking for the perfect heater for your home? Do you want to make sure that your heating system works well for years and years? At Bob Boldt HVAC, we provide our clients with exceptional heating services in Eagan, MN. We want nothing less than to keep you and your entire family warm all winter long. We offer only high quality equipment built to last by leading manufacturers in the industry, and we spare no effort at making sure that our customers have exactly what they need. Call us today to address your specific heating needs.

Bob Boldt HVAC provides comprehensive heating services in the greater Eagan, MN area.

Choosing One of Our Heating Systems

It can be difficult to figure out what type of heating system would work best for your home. You need to make certain that your heater is not only appropriately sized so that it works properly for years to come, but also that it matches your heating preferences and your budgetary requirements. We offer a wide range of heating systems for our clients, so let us find one for you.

Our Heating Services

Whether you need immediate heating service to ensure that your heater is restored to working condition during a particularly frosty mid–winter evening, or you find yourself in need of a new heater installation for your new home, we can take care of the job with our characteristic blend of customer service excellence and technical expertise. Let us be your one–stop shop for heating services.

Heating Repair

Does your heater not work properly? Do you wish that it didn’t make an awful sound during operation? We can help. Our heating repair service is excellent, and we spare no effort at making sure that you have what you need.


A boiler is an excellent heating option to consider for your home if you want to make sure that your warmth does not come at a high cost, and if you want to avoid dried out air. We install and service quality boilers throughout the area.


Whether your gas furnace has broken down and needs to be restored, or you’re hunting for a new furnace that will work properly for years to come, we can oblige you. We use only high quality equipment from leading names in the industry, and our specialists are always available to handle just about anything.

Heat Pumps

The heat pump is highly regarded for its outstanding energy efficiency. It works by transferring heat from one place to another, and it also works year–round to ensure that your cooling needs are taken care of.

Ductless Heating

If you want to make sure that your home is heated in an energy efficient manner, then we can assist you with outstanding ductless heating services. A ductless mini split works without the use of air ducts, which leads to a significant drop in your monthly energy expenses.


The thermostat is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your HVAC system, as it’s the only means by which you can control the heating in your home. We offer a number of thermostats for installation and replacement.

Call the Heating Contractors at Bob Boldt HVAC Today

Just let the heating contractors at Bob Boldt HVAC know what you need and we’ll be right over. Our comprehensive heating services can take care of just about anything. Call us anytime, day or night, to restore warmth to your home this winter.